Enjoy an exclusive experience

This ticket is for an exclusive tour of the Liria Palace from 9 to 10 AM before the palace is opened to the public. You may also be able to schedule a Closed Doors Tour for after the last standard tour of the day. Please check availability.

The Closed Doors Tour is for those who want to enjoy the rare, exclusive experience of seeing the palace before it is opened. The ticket price is €1,200 per group (processing charges included) regardless of how many people attend. Group size is limited to 10.


It differs from the standard tour in these ways:

  • EXTRA-LONG TOUR: You will see the same rooms as the standard tour + the chapel + the music room + the gardens (if time allows).

  • GUIDED TOUR: It is guided by an art history expert (Spanish or English. French, Italian and German are subject to availability).

Group members may not apply individually for discounts or free admission, regardless of whether they meet the requirements.

If you are interested, you can contact the foundation at

Since this tour takes place while the palace is closed, the group may have to make allowances for the normal events of palace life. This may include building maintenance work, operations to move works of art, filming or formal visits, which cannot be held while the palace is open.

If you’re planning to visit the Liria Palace while in Madrid, make sure to buy your ticket in advance.

Save time and book ahead.

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