Touring the Liria Palace is more than just visiting a cultural site; it’s a full-sense experience unlike anything you’ll find at other palaces and museums. It’s a merger of the senses through music, voices, words and images that together convey the essence of a palace where people have lived, the spirit that inhabits the building and an admiration for the art collection that adorns its rooms and halls.

La visita al Palacio de Liria es más allá de una visita cultural, es una experiencia sensorial, diferente del conjunto de visitas culturales a otros palacios y museos.

Fusionando los sentidos a través de la música, la voz, las palabras y las imágenes, que unidos, transmiten al visitante la esencia de un palacio vivido, el espíritu que lo habita y la admiración por la colección artística que decora sus salones y estancias.



Music wraps around you like a guiding hand, taking you on a trip through time. The carefully selected catalogue of classical music that accompanies you during your tour is closely related with the history of the Liria Palace and especially the House of Alba, whose dukes encouraged the development of music over the centuries.


The varied repertoire contains pieces by composers of great standing, like Juan de Urrede, the first maestro in the service of the first Duke of Alba in 1476; Gioachino Rossini, friend of the 14th Duke of Alba; and Haydn, who composed some music for the 13th Duchess of Alba. There are also works by artists such as Boccherini, Tchaikovsky, Strauss and Offenbach; each piece had some tie to the House of Alba at some point in history.




Voices are the backbone of the experience. They accompany you throughout your tour. A varied cast of popular dubbing actors imbue the tour with life, plunging you into the history of the palace and its collections, the lives that were lived in the rooms where you stand and the spirit that envelops them. Dialogues among historical figures paint a picture for you of what took place in the past.



Content is fundamental for conveying information. The carefully written, literary, harmonious texts you hear are based on fragments of history, poems and quotations from original documents in the Liria Palace archives.




Pictures give us recreation, simplification, syntax; they help us gain a better understanding of the genealogical history of the House of Alba and the building itself.


Please click on the number to see what each room contains.


Great Hall



Stuart Room

Flemish Room

Grand Duke Room

Spanish Room

Zuloaga Room

Italian Room

Goya Room




Loves of the

Gods Room

Dining Room

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